• Olive Hernandez

Best Eats In Buffalo

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

You're probably wondering, "what is the hype about a small town like Buffalo, NY?" I'm here to tell you that this city is growing with local businesses full of great people. I want to give you all the scoop on the places to visit if you're ever in town.​​​​​​​

1. Root & Bloom Cafe & Market​​​​​​​

423 Elmwood Avenue Buffalo, New York 14222

If you're looking for a cute, plant-based cafe, look no further! Root & Bloom contains locally sourced and organic ingredients. I'm not vegan but I love supporting local businesses especially if their ingredients are organic and locally sourced. I tried "Herbert 2.0" and it was the best banana bread french toast I've ever had.

Be wary though because if you have any nut allergies, this cafe might not be for you. My boyfriend, Brian, and I learned this the hard way because he's allergic to tree nuts. The only dish he was able to have was "Babe."

2. Típico​​​​​​​

128 Fargo Ave. Buffalo, NY 14201

After your brunch, head to a coffee shop for a little pick-me-up. Típico is my favorite coffee shop in Buffalo. According to the barista, in Colombia, some people who order coffee would ask for "típico" because it's their typical roast. The first time I went to Típico, I was greeted with warmth. The people are so kind and appeared so passionate about what they do. Aside from the people, the shop also has a wide array of blends and sandwiches.

3. Roost

1502 Niagara St. Buffalo, NY 14213

For dinner, Roost is definitely an experience. This restaurant changes its menu each month which adds to the fun. I "flew" to Paris. I had frog legs and risotto, with truffle shavings. This restaurant is on the expensive side but I believe it's well worth the price.

As you can see, Buffalo is thriving with new places and experiences. You heard it here first, folks. May Buffalo treat you well.

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